Olive Trees

Our olive grove consists of over 600 trees most of which are well established, some being over a hundred years old. They are randomly scattered over a rocky, south facing hillside extending over 22 hectares rising from 40 to 90 meters above sea level. Over the years, prior to the establishment of our Yoga and Meditation Retreat, our tree maintenance was minimal due to our other business commitments. However, since 2020 following the CoVid19 induced collapse of international tourism and we commenced work on the Meditation Center we have carried out extensive husbandry including weed and brush removal, pruning and grafting.

Fruit Trees

In addition to the extra olive trees we've planted we have also planted many fruit trees including:

Vegetable Gardens

The sloping nature of our olive grove required us to construct a number of retaining walls required in orerr to level-up some areas for lawns and gardens.

We have established two 60 square meter stone walled vegetable gardens that allow us to grow a wide variety of vegetables. The climate in this part of Turkey is conducive to the growing of many types of vegetables

More to follow..

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