Frasers Olive Garden Retreat is wholly owned and operated by Cliff and Çiğdem Fraser.

After twenty-five years in the tourism and hospitality business, curtailed by the infamous CoVid19 virus, we turned our energies towards promoting our already established interests in Yoga, Meditation and Alternative Therapies.

Initially operating at our home Yoga Studio, our planned expansion demanded more space, additional visitors accommodation and purpose designed buildings.

Our existing twenty-two hectare hillside Olive Grove was an ideal location at which to build our 'Retreat' and initial stone wall building and landscaping works commenced in April 2020. Following the completion of the 850 meter long natural stone boundary wall, reception office/tower, two eight person 'forest' houses, a swimming pool and a 90m2 Yoga studio the center was opened for limited business in November 2021. The project is a work in progress and it will take several years to complete all the facilities we have planned.

We are essentially a non-profit organization with all proceeds being used to develop the project, help stray dogs and cats and provide free services to local children. In 2019, with the welcome assistance from the local authority we set up the first and only children's library in our local town, Mumcular. We are currently in the process of arranging a children's library in the village of Dorttepe, close to our retreat.