There are many websites that provide details of the benefits lifestyle changes and a healthy eating regime can achieve.

This website is a good place to start: DRAXE.COM
Also this comprehensive book is available as a .pdf download: MACROBIOTICS FOR EVERYONE

Here at:   Fraser's Olive Garden Retreat textleaves-icon   we promote the principles of Macrobiotics which include healthy choices in nutrition, activity and lifestyle providing a platform for physical, emotional, mental, social and environmental health.

To this end we only prepare and serve vegetarian and vegan meals from our kitchen using produce from our own gardens and locally sourced fruit and vegetables.

The only oil we use for cooking and salad dressings is provided by our own grove of six hundred olive trees which in 2020 received a gold medallion at the regional agricultural fair.

'Cadavarians' that spend some time with us eating only a vegetarian diet usually leave committed to continuing with a meat free or at least a meat reduced diet.

Many diets, especially those for the purpose of losing weight fail because they are either too drastic or upon completion people lapse back to their previous eating habits. A change to Macrobiotics requires a permanent lifestyle shift that need not be drastic.

Everyone is different and there are many reasons why people choose to become vegetarian or vegan.

It's not necessary to go the whole way at the outset, just cutting down on the foods that are non-macrobiotic (unhealthy) will lead to discernable life changes that will help to reinforce your commitment towards eating more healthily and your macrobiotic lifestyle becoming 100%.

Eating a healthy diet is beneficial, advantages include living longer, feeling happier, radiance gain, loss of excess weight and a healthier appearance. Processed food reduces the quality of life, eating healthily means your immune system is boosted enhancing your ability to fight off disease leading to a longer life.

When it comes to leading a happy and carefree life, maintaining a healthy diet is a natural anti-depressant.

But of course, diet alone is not the whole story, remember you need to combine a good eating regime with proper exercise for both your mind and body through Yoga or other exercises and Meditation.

Good health means a better life, giving you more energy and the confidence to face life, whatever obstacles present themselves.

A typical day at our Olive Garden starts with Yoga at 07:00 followed by a short period of Meditation. At 09:00 it's time for a group breakfast at which the program for that day is outlined.

You are what you eat You are what you eat..

The Ohsawa 10 Day Detox Diet

Processed food products, sugary drinks, most 'fast foods' and the like all contain additives that are act like toxins that circulate throughout the body distributed by the blood.

Many of the cells in the body are replaced within a 10 day cycle. This is one of the reasons the Ohsawa 10 day detox diet was developed, the table below lists the cells in the body that can be completely 'de-toxed' during a 10 day cycle:

humal cell <10 day renewal

The following Wordpress article is a helpful diary of experiences cataloged by KLARA LEVINE during her 10 day Ohsawa Detox Diet:

The Ohsawa 10 day Detox Diet consists of eating YANG cereals (wheat, buckwheat, millet, wholegrain rice, oats and barley) (and nothing else) for 10 days. The allowed foods can be eaten in any quantity and can be cooked or boiled (not fried), and the only additional ingredients allowed are water and salt. You should never feel hungry, so you can eat as much as you need whenever you want!

It's advisable to vary the grains you consume each day and try to be creative, there are many ways to prepare the allowed grains, roasted buckwheat for example, porridge oats (with salt) for breakfast etc., this also provides for a more balanced intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

For sure it's not an easy diet to stick to and there is usually a high failure rate, however we've discovered that by participating as part of a group, the success rate can be as high as 100% for group sessions.


It's not just the part of you that's you that benefits from a Macrobiotic eating regime.

Microorganisms inhabit just about every part of the human body numbering in the trillions, outnumbering human cells by a factor of 10 to 1. They live on the skin, in the gut, up the nose‌, in fact everywhere.

So most of your body is made up of bacteria, archaea and various types of fungi. Most of these microorganisms live in harmony with their human host and are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, in fact without them we would not have evolved as a species, nor would we survive.

Everyone routinely carries pathogens and microorganisms known to cause illnesses. In healthy individuals, however, pathogens cause no disease; they simply coexist with their host and the rest of the human microbiome.

That's why it's so important to keep your microbes happy by maintaining your body and immune system in peak condition.

Microbes at work
Microbes doing what they do..

For a Feeling of Satisfaction

Be sure to consume only nutritional food cooked to perfection and never leave the table without being fully satisfied.

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